12 Day China Gourmet Food Tour

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China Gourmet Food Tour Highlights

  • World famous cultural and historical heritages in Beijing.
  • Spectacular Terracotta Warriors and Horses Army in Xi’an.
  • Intimate views of lovely giant pandas in Chengdu.
  • Stunning night view of the metropolis Shanghai.
  • 8 local authentic and tasty food at carefully selected restaurants.

Price Per Person

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*These are normal season prices, for peak season (Spring Festival, May Day Festival, Mid-autumn Day and National Day Holiday) please inquire accordingly.

Services Included:

  • Twin-shared hotel accommodation.
  • Entrance fees as specified in the itinerary.
  • Meals as specified in the itinerary.
  • Private experienced English speaking guide.
  • Air-conditioned private vehicle service.
  • The bulletin train with second-class seat as listed.
  • Service charges & government taxes.
  • Daily mineral water (1 bottle per person, free of charge).

Services Not Included:

  • International and domestic flights.
  • Travel insurance.
  • China visa.
  • Personal expenses such as: excess luggage charge, beverages, laundry services, etc.
  • Tips or gratuities to local driver and guide.

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Tour Schedule by Day

Day 1 Arrival at Beijing

Meals: null


Holiday Inn Central Plaza Beijing 4stars or similar class

Welcome to the beginning of your mouth-watering gourmet food tour.  We have carefully selected 8 local authentic meals during your visit; offering a flavor-filled journey through Chinese cuisine.

At the same time, this tour takes you through the sights and sounds of each city stop, giving you a chance to see the best of China, while working up your appetite before each gourmet course.

Upon your arrival, you'll be greeted by one of our experienced tour guides. He/she will be holding a pick-up sign with your name on it at the Arrival Hall of Beijing International Airport.

From the airport our English-speaking tour guide and driver will escort you to your hotel in downtown Beijing.

Feel free to chat and ask questions with our guide. After safely dropping you off at your hotel, you can enjoy the rest of the day to do whatever you like.

Tiananmen Square

Day 2 Beijing

Meals: Buffet Breakfast, Special Dinner


Holiday Inn Central Plaza Beijing 4stars or similar class

After enjoying breakfast, we'll let it digest before our next big meal (dinner) and head over to Tiananmen Square. It's also the biggest city square in the world, measuring at 440,000 square meters. This is where Mao Zedong affirmed the People's Republic of China on October 1, 1949.

We'll then navigate our way to the Forbidden City, one of the five most famous palaces in the world where the 24 emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties lived and ruled for over 500 years.

The palace complex has over 980 buildings and covers over 180 acres. If you love classic silhouettes, you'll love the Forbidden City's architecture, it's often viewed as the gold standard for traditional Chinese palatial architecture.

From here we head our way to visit Jingshan Park, the former imperial garden of Ming and Qing dynasties.

Here's where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the whole Forbidden City -- time to pull your camera and take a selfie.

It's lunch time, feel free to eat light until our gourmet dinner.

In the afternoon we will visit the Temple of Heaven. Magisterial and surrounded by epic pine woods, this was a special space where emperors practiced religious rituals and prayed for good harvests during the Qing and Ming dynasties.

It is one of the most important landmarks of Beijing and the symbol of the relationship between Earth and heaven, humanity and God.

And finally...

We have gourmet dinner with the imperial court at the iconic Family Li Restaurant, a restaurant often visited and highly recommended by high-level foreign governors and celebrities.

Family Li has a legendary story with the Qing Dynasty and Empress Cixi.

Mr. Li Zijia was the head of Imperial Household Department during the late Qing Dynasty and was highly trusted by Empress Cixi. He was in charge of the daily food and drinks of emperor and empress.

In the latter years of his life, he sorted out a set of imperial recipes which he handed down to the next generation of his family.

The founder of Family Li Restaurant, professor Li Shanling, valued work ethic and worked hard. He worked full-time and developed his business after hours on his free time in a courtyard in the Hutong of Back Sea.

He started from humble beginnings. His restaurant was small and only could feed no more than 20 people.

He offered a table per week. Many view him as a genius chef, professor Li not only inherited the family-owned secret recipe but also developed and completed the menu with his creativity and experience.

Gradually, it garnered a worldwide reputation among high-level foreign governors and celebrities. Today his family has expanded the business to Melbourne, Tokyo and other major cities.

(Address: 11 Yangfang Hutong, Deshengmen, Xicheng District, Beijing Tel: +86-10-66180107)

Family Li Restaurant

Day 3 Beijing

Meals: Buffet  Breakfast, Chinese Lunch, Peking Roasted Duck Dinner


Holiday Inn Central Plaza Beijing 4stars  or similar class

Your gourmet food tour starts at the legendary Great Wall, a place you must not miss when you travel in China.

Here is where we will spend a full day exploring the fantastic wild Mutianyu Great wall and enjoy its spectacular views, while our delicious dishes wait for us in the evening.

Compared with Badaling, Mutianyu's section is more exclusive and secluded from the rest of mainstream tourism.

As the northern barrier defending the capital and imperial tombs in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)., the section is surrounded by woodland and streams, giving it that certain unspoken natural charm, setting the stage for our exploration.

Starting at a secret part of the Wall, we start our hike from a remote village. It’s easy to access by 45 miles away from Beijing.

The trip will finish 12 densely placed towers with a total length of 2 km in 2 hours.

We will see one of the most secret treasures of the Wall and start our hike from a remote village. It’s easy to access 45 miles away from Beijing. The trip will finish 12 densely placed towers with a total length of 2 km in 2 hours.

The trip will visit 12 densely placed towers at a total length of 2 km in 2 hours. You will be picked up at your hotel on 8 am this morning and be transferred to a remote village near Mutianyu (1.5 hrs).

You will start the hiking around 9:30, and it will take about 2 hours to complete the hike (2.5km). Along the 12 watchtowers, we will spend 1.5 hours on the first 7 abandoned watchtowers, which is a lot easier said than done.

Once we reach the restored part the Wall, it'll be easier to walk. You have the option to go downhill: either by walking or by toboggan (optional).

It's time to replenish and eat lunch at a pre-planned local restaurant. Feel free to eat light and save some room for tonight's big meal...

In the evening we will arrange for the gourmet food tour group to try tasty Peking Roasted Duck Dinner at the famous Dadong Kaoya Restaurant, which is considered to be the best-roasted duck in Beijing.

Founded in 1985, the restaurant was converted from the state-owned company and named after the founder Chef Dong Zhenxiang. Hence named Dadong Restaurant. The business in mainly targeted to high-level customers and foreigners.

Its roasted duck is famous for eight ingredients and the eight ways to eat it.

Distinguished with normal roasted duck, Chef Dong made a large change in his cooking procedure; focusing on the health of food.

The skin is crispy, but not oily, exactly what you want in a roasted duck. Low calorie and filled with flavor.

(Address: 88, Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing  Tel:+86-10- 85221234)


Day 4 Beijing-Xi’an by bulletin train

Meals: Buffet Breakfast


Xi’an Grand Noble Hotel4stars or similar class

Your gourmet food tour group starts off the day by hopping on a rickshaw and leisurely coasting through Beijing Hutong.

Here we'll get to discover what it's like to live like a local. We'll then drive to Beijing Summer Palace, the best well-preserved imperial garden in the world and gaze at the architectural masterpieces.

Beijing Summer Palace was originally a retreat for Empress Cixi and the emperor built it in the late Qing Dynasty.

The fascinating Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill are the most famous attractions in the park -- a must see while you visit.

Afterwards, we will escort you to the speed bulletin train towards the ancient capital city, Xi'an.

We are expected to arrive at Xi’an in the evening, once there, you will be picked up and escorted to your hotel in the city downtown where we will stay for 2 nights.

Summer Palace

Day 5 Xi’an

Meals: Buffet  Breakfast, Specialty Lunch


Xi’an Grand Noble Hotel4stars or similar class

With a history of more than 3 ,100 years, the city Xi’an served the capital city of six dynasties in ancient China.

Their are many cultural heritages, relics and historical architecture along the way as well. During the glory days of the Silk Road, Xi'an was one of the most popular destinations for international travellers.

After breakfast, we'll drive and visit the world famous Terracotta Warriors and Horses.

The Terra Cotta Army was created to guard Emperor Qin Shihuang's tomb and to protect him in the afterlife.

It is estimated that there are over 7,000 life-size Terra-Cotta Warriors and horses buried here.

We'll eat lunch and enjoy authentic Xi'an cuisine at True Love Chang’an No.1 Restaurant. (150 RMB p.p.).

After replenishing, we continue on to visit Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the famous landmark of Xi’an, which was built in 652 A.D. during the Tang Dynasty. From here we'll check out the Buddhist scriptures brought by the famous Monk Xuanzang.

It's interesting to note that the story has been rewritten and turned into a famous classic novel, "The Journey to West".

We'll then visit Ancient City Wall,  a landmark that once divided Xi'an. It's 12-14 meters across the top and 15-18 meters thick and stands 12 meters tall. It was rebuilt in Ming Dynasty by the Sui and Tang dynasties.

If the mood strikes you can even take an interesting cycling tour along the massive city wall (additional cost, 45 RMB p.p.).

After touring through the Ancient City Wall, we'll drive and head down to the Muslim Quarters where you can taste the local snacks and experience the bustling nightlife.

True Love Chang'an No.1

Day 6 Xi’an-Chengdu by air plane

Meals: Buffet  Breakfast,Hotpot Dinner


Celebrity Ruicheng Hotel Chengdu 4stars or similar class

Before your epic gourmet feast, we prep your appetite by starting the day exploring the ancient capital city of Chengdu.

First, we'll navigate our way to the well-known Shaanxi History Museum, the first modern museum in China where you can see the precious bronze articles of Shang and Zhou Dynasty, various Terracotta Warriors, exquisitely designed gold and silver ornaments as well as the unique fresco tomb of the Tang Dynasty.

We'll then visit the Grand Mosque, one of the top 4 Muslim mosques in ancient China. It was built in 742 A.D. and its design is often viewed for being the standard for traditional Chinese architecture.

After visiting Grand Mosque, we have lunch where everyone can pick whatever they wanted to eat.

In the afternoon, we drive and visit the Former Residence of Family Gao, a well-preserved residence in Han Nationality built during the Ming Dynasty.

The gourmet food tour group will also get to watch the traditional and charming puppet show before our epic meal. From here you'll be escorted to the airport and catch a flight to Xi’an.

Upon arrival, our local tour guide and driver will pick you up. This evening, the tour will take you to a local hotpot dinner at the famous Laomatou Restaurant.

Everyone in Chengdu loves hotpot. Hotpot is the local dish of choice in Chengdu, it represents the city well.

It is said that there are over 2,300 hotpot restaurants in Chengdu, it feels like you can find one on every street.

Laomaotou, found in 2001, is listed as one of the top 3 hotpot restaurants in Sichuan Province.

Akin to traditional Sichuan flavors, their hotpot is also spicy, oily, and jammed with Sichuan peppercorns.


Day 7 Chengdu

Meals: Buffet  Breakfast, Special Dinner


Celebrity Ruicheng Hotel Chengdu 4stars or similar class

Before the big feast, Sublime China will show you around Chengdu and drive you to Leshan (around 2.5 hours on the way, single trip) and visit the Giant Buddha.

Built in 803A.D.of Tang Dynasty, Giant Buddha stands at 71 meters, making it the largest carved stone Buddha in China. From here we'll take a short boat trip to enjoy a panoramic view of the giant Buddha.

We'll then head back to Chengdu to enjoy authentic Sichuan Cuisine at the famous South Beauty Restaurant.

South Beauty was founded in 2000 by Ms Zhanglan, now known as an international brand with a head office in Beijing. They attract high-society customers, aiming to become the “LV of Chinese Cuisine".

Today South Beauty is a leading brand in the catering industry for China and expanded its business to Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Qingdao etc.

Sichuan Cuisine is known for being liberal with their spicy peppers and notable dishes like Kung Pao Chicken, Tea-Smoked Duck, Double-Cooked Pork, Mapo Tofu to just to name a few dishes.

(Address: 605, 5 F, IFS, 1 Hongxing Rd Sanduan, Jingjiang District, Chengdu. Close to the bustling Chunxi Rd. ).

After dinner, feel free to explore more at the bustling Chunxi Rd, taste more of the authentic local snacks while experiencing the busy nightlife.

South Beauty

Day 8 Chengdu-Hangzhou by air plane

Meals: Buffet  Breakfast


Holiday Inn Hangzhou **** 4stars or similar class

On the 8th day of your gourmet food tour, we start off the morning with an early drive (1.5 hours on the way) to see the famous giant pandas at the Base of Giant Panda in Dujiangya city.

The lovely creature is usually more active in the morning. You'll have the chance to hug the panda and take a photo.

Note that you have to make a donation to the Panda Fund, 2000RMB p.p. Reservation in advance as requested. Or to tour as a volunteer, you have to make the donation

Note: visitors wanting to see the pandas at the Base are requested to make a donation to the Panda Fund, at 2000RMB p.p. Or to tour as a volunteer, visitors are required to make the donation to: Panda Fund, 700 RMB p.p. Reservation in advance is requested. Duration: 3.5-4hours.

After your panda tour, you can drive to Chengdu Airport for your departure flight to beautiful Hangzhou, which is reputed as the “City on Paradise”.

From there you'll be able to connect with our local tour guide and driver at the airport where you'll have the freedom to enjoy the rest of your day to do whatever you wish.

Panda Base

Day 9 Hangzhou

Meals: Buffet Breakfast, Special Dinner


Hangzhou Zhongshan International Hotel 4stars or similar class

After breakfast and before your next gourmet meal, we will take you on a full day exploration of the fascinating views of Hangzhou.

First we stroll along the famous Bai Causeway and visit the Broken Bridge then continue on to take a leisurely boat trip on West Lake to enjoy the picturesque lake view.

You'll also be able to have lunch wherever you want, just make sure to leave some room for your next gourmet meal.

After lunch we'll escort you to the well-known Lingyin Temple, a holy retreat originally built in 326 A.D. in East Jin Dynasty.

We'll then visit the Fling Peak which is famous for the hundreds of Buddhist sculptures and natural caves.

The last stop before our big meal is the Chinese Medicine Museum. We will walk across the busy Hefang Ancient Street to the museum where you can get to know much about the traditional Chinese medicine.

Tonight for dinner, we try Hangzhou Cuisine at lakeside Weizhuang which is often considered to having the best dishes money can buy at the West Lake.

Hangzhou Cuisine is known for its sweet and fresh flavors, using ingredients from west lake, lotus root, and West Lake water shield.

Located on Yanggong Causeway, lakeside of West Lake, Weizhuang has a great reputation among foodies from both China and aboard; not only for its fascinating lake view, but also for its delicious savory dishes.

Weizhuang is a spinoff brand of the local famous restaurant train company, Zhiweiguan which has a history over 100 years.

Their big success is connected to Chef Dong Shunxiang, a legendary chef who is said that can make tasty fried chicken from a live chicken in 1-minute-23 seconds flat -- an amazing feat.

(Address:10-12, Yanggong Causeway, Xihu District, Close to Flower Harbor Park  Tel:+86-571-87971913)


Day 10 Hangzhou-Shanghai by bulletin train

Meals: Buffet Breakfast, specialty dinner


Shanghai Lee Gardens Hotel4stars or similar class

Before we take you to your next gourmet food tour stop, we escort you to visit the renowned Six Harmonies Pagoda (Liuhe Pagoda), which was build during the South Song Dynasty and used as a lighthouse to direct boats on Qiantang River.

We then visit nearby Ceramic and Porcelain Museum of South Song Dynasty, which was built on the former imperial ceramic factory of South Song Dynasty.

It's lunch time. Feel free to explore and try the local options, just make sure to leave room for the upcoming gourmet feast.

In the afternoon we escort you to Hangzhou Railway Station for the bulletin train to Shanghai.

Once we get to Shanghai, we will be picked up and driven to the hotel. From here you're free to do whatever it is you like.

For dinner we plan to explore Shanghai Cuisine at the exquisitely designed Xianqiangfang Restaurant (Yongan Wing), which is close to the bustling Nanjing Rd.

After dinner, you can have a short walk on Nanjing Rd, one of the world's busiest shopping streets.

As the first restaurant of the Xianqiangfang brand in Shanghai, it is located at F4-F5, 600, Jiujiang Rd which has a rich history spanning only 100 years.

The restaurant is a perfect combination of the 20th century luxury and traditional decoration.

From the 20th Western sitting clock to graceful marble pillar to the copper doorknob and European lights, you'll feel as if you've been teleported back to the roaring 20s.

Shanghai is a cultural melting pot and its food is often a mark of its unique collection of people and the neighboring provinces.

The food features sweet flavors, pickled wine dishes, and fresh local ingredients.

Some notable dishes you can try are: Shanghai hairy crab, stir-fry shrimp, and braised pork in brown sauce.

(Address: Add: 4-5F, Yongan, Jiujiang Rd, Nanjing Rd East, Shanghai )


Day 11 Shanghai

Meals: Buffet Breakfast, Special Lunch


Shanghai Lee Gardens Hotel4stars or similar class

Shanghai is the most developed city in China and a leading new world financial city.

Before your next gourmet meal, we'll start your full day after breakfas, explore the metropolis and set our sails for the Bund, a famous waterfront often praised by romantics for its skyline featuring 52 iconic buildings.

We'll then visit the Old City, the historic cradle of Shanghai and the former political, economic and cultural center of ancient Shanghai.

Nearby is the Yu Garden, one of the most famous attractions in Old City -- a must-see.

Yu Garden is often hailed as the crown pearl of the metropolis, being a traditional private garden, it was originally built in 1559 A.D. during the Ming Dynasty.

It's lunchtime. Lunch will be served at the famous Lvbolang Restaurant with the local specialty. (charge standard, 2 pax, 200RMB p.p.; 3~5 pax, 180RMB p.p.; 6~9 pax, 150 RMB p.p.)

Lvbolang was a former tea house around the Yu Garden in old downtown during the Ming Dynasty.

In 1978, it was converted into a restaurant which offers the authentic Shanghai Cuisine. It features the state-class banquet and local snacks catering the foreign celebrities, high-level governors, minsters and even presidents which made it a worldwide reputation in Shanghai.

(Address: 115,Yuyuan Rd, Huangpu District, Shanghai. Tel: 4007339993 )

In the afternoon, we'll visit the well-known Shanghai Museum, one of the top 3 museums in China, famous for its large collection of bronze articles and relics. Besides, you can also see the precious ancient ceramics, Chinese paintings and more. Then drive to visit the

From here we'll then drive to visit the Former French Concession, which features well-preserved European style buildings.

Tianzifang is a touristic arts and crafts enclave and features many art studios, art galleries, bars and restaurants.

In the evening, you'll have the freedom to eat where you want.

We'll then escort you to a leisurely night cruise on Huangpu River and to enjoy the impressive night view of the sleepless metropolis.


Day 12 Shanghai-Departure

Meals: Breakfast

Today you're free to do whatever you like until we take you to the airport; officially ending your memorable gourmet food tour in China.

For more information on any of our tours feel free to speak with any one of our travel experts at 1-888-373-6882.