3-Day Martial Arts Tour on Wudang Taoist Mountain

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Martial Arts Tour Highlights

  • Admire the ancient buildings on Wudang Mountain, the cradle of Wudang martial art.
  • Get fully immersed in Taoist culture and master Taichi lessons.
  • Amazing fantastic martial arts show, Fantasy Wudang.
  • Taste Night Tea and chat with Taoist priests.

Price Per Person

Nr. of travelers2~5 pax6~9 paxSingle Supplement fee
Apr. 2017 to Dec. 2018660 USDTBA60 USD


*The price applies for normal season, for peak season (which is national holiday plus lunar calendar Mar 3rd and Sept 9th) please inquire individually.
*Taoist doctor visiting needs reservation and according to the doctor’s schedule, so please inquire in advance.

Wudang Mountain

Services Included:

  • Hotel accommodation.
  • Entrance fees as specified in the itinerary.
  • Meals as specified in the itinerary.
  • Private experienced English speaking guide.
  • Air-conditioned private vehicle service.
  • Cable car service (round way).
  • The Fantasy Wudang Show.
  • Night tea chat.
  • Service charges & government taxes.
  • Daily mineral water (1 bottle per person, free of charge).

Services Not Included:

  • International and domestic flights.
  • Travel insurance.
  • China visa.
  • Personal expenses such as: excess luggage charge, beverages, laundry services, etc.
  • Tips or gratuities to local driver and guide.
  • Accommodation.

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Interested in booking this tour or customizing it to fit your needs? Fill out this quick form!

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  • Groups allowed
  • Tour guides

Tour Schedule by Day

Day 1 Wudangshan-Arrival

Meals: Null

Accommodation: Wudang Mountain hotel (4 -star)

Your 3 day martial arts tour starts from the train station, Sublime China picks you up and escorts you to your hotel for a much needed rest and relaxation.

Take the time to shake off the jet lag and gather your bearings; your Sublime martial arts tour sets its sails on both Yuxu Palace (three minutes away 8:30 – 17:30) and Wudang Museum (two minutes away).

For a quick overview: The Yuxu Palace dates back to the 11th year of the Yongle Period of the Ming Dynasty (1413 A.D.). It features 2200 temples and palaces.

They were restored in the 31th year of Jiajing Period (1552 A.D.).

It originally included 5 courtyards with 3 gates and many Chong platforms.

Its construction style is very strict with many courts around it. The Wudang museum is China's first country level museum in central China’s Hubei province to be given the national second-class museum award, it covers 5,820 square meters and is worth 18 million yuan ($2.93 million).

Legend has it that the Great Emperor Zhenwu, the ultimate martial arts god, practiced alchemy there and when he ascended into heaven; the Jade Emperor honored him by naming him the YuXu Master, thus titling the Yuxu Palace after Zhenwu.

Thereafter the martial arts tour visits the legendary ancient street of Yongleshengshi to taste some local snacks and go to the Tai Chi Theater to observe the martial arts show – Fantasy Wudang (20:00 – 21:00).

Fantasy Wudang Show

Day 2 Wudangshan

Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch, Chinese Dinner

Accommodation: Tai Chi Hall (4-star)

Widely known for being the location of the Karate Kid temple, Wudang Shan, is a small mountain range in northern Hubei Province.

Its entrance is located in Dan Jiang Kou district within the city of Shiyen.

You can expect for your martial arts tour to start at around 8:40 a.m. when we expect you to arrive at the front gate of the mountain. 

We'll then take the shuttle bus to the Prince Slope (about 30 minutes’ drive).

Prince Slope is the major hub for transfers on the mountain and also is a must-see site for tourists.

Legend has it that Zhenwu The Great, a high-ranking Taoist deity, lived and practised Taoism here before ascending  to Heaven.

Zhenwu is also a main deity that was worshipped on Mt. Wudang. He is often trumpeted as the ultimate god of martial arts.

We'll then pass by the serpentine yellow river wall and visit the Fuzhen Palace Hall, a major attraction of the buildings in Prince Slope.

The statues in the hall are large and are the biggest wood statues on the mountain with a 600 year history.

They are beautifully colored and exemplary pieces of traditional timelessness.

Your martial arts tour then continues to the Wuyun Pavilion.

This is considered a miracle in China’s architectural history. Being 500 years old, it was built on the cliff and their is only one single pillar supporting the 12 wooden beams.

It's a legendary monument and definitely deserves your Instagram profile's attention.

From there we get on the shuttle bus and move the martial arts tour to Xiaoyao Valley.

This is the only natural scenic backdrop found on Wudang Mountain; you'll find a large wild macaques population here.

At around 10:30 we watch the Wudang martial arts show where we get to witness the masters of Tai Chi boxing, Tai Chi sword, imitation boxing and eight diagrams boxing, a true martial arts experience in the heart of Wudang.

The martial arts exhibition lasts about an hour. Thereafter at around 12:00 we take the shuttle bus to Zixiao Palace, also known as Purple Heaven Palace, where we'll have our Taoist vegetarian lunch.

In the afternoon, you're martial arts tour drifts through Zixiao Palace, a legendary martial arts Daoist temple where we can observe the praying ceremony (you can pray alone or reserve the ceremony in advance).

You'll notice inside the palace that there are statues of Zhenwu, The Great and Tai Chi founder Zhang Sanfeng, along with a legendary painting depicting a fight between a snake and a sparrow.

The buildings surrounding Zixiao Palace are separate from the tour and if you feel like paying extra, you can check them out as well.

After the Zixiao Palace, the martial arts tour heads out to Prince Cave where you may have a chance to meet the hermit.

He has been living in the cave for more than 10 years; never leaving Wudang Mountain.

He feeds bees that he believes understand human speech, a true enigma in a mystery box.

No one knows his real age.

Visit time: 30 minutes.

After visiting Prince Cave, we get back on the shuttle bus and at about 14:05 we get to Crow Ridge and check into the Tai Chi Hotel, a clean environment strategically tucked right in the center of the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

We'll tighten our bearings and gather our wits before visiting South Cliff Palace (25 minutes’ walking), a legendary palace built along the cliff.

From a distance it appears that it is hanging in air and floating, a must-see for any martial arts fan.

There is also the Dragon Head Incense that turns out to be a stone carving in the cliff also called the No.1 incense.

At 16:30, we will go back to Crow Ridge and have dinner. In the evening, we will visit the Taoist priests and have a friendly chat with them while tasting tea.

This requires a reservation in advance and will be arranged according to the priest’s schedule.

Zixiao Palace

Day 3 Wudangshan-departure

Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

Today your Sublime tour includes hiking, be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

In the morning, we will get up early and learn Tai Chi with the Tai Chi master.

For those of you who don't know, Tai Chi literally means Supreme Ultimate Boxing.

It's the essence of Chinese culture, it's used for both defence and good for health. It also can be used in combat as well.

Afterwards, we have breakfast and hike up to the Golden Palace.

On the way, we'll pass monuments like that of: the Langmei Temple (the best preserved and largest temple on the mountain); Yellow Dragon Cave (a natural cave where Taoist priests practice, highly related with Taoist medicine); and Chaotian Palace (this is believed to be the Heaven territory and the boundary of Heaven and Earth).

After visiting the Chaotian Palace, we have two options: take the Qingshen Path (easy); or take the Mingshen Path (hard) to get to the Golden Palace.

We'll find out when we get there.

Hike time: three hours. Visit time: 30 minutes.

At 11:30, we reach the Golden Palace, the ultimate symbol of Wudang Mountain.

It's also called the Golden Hall, for being the hall withstanding the test of raging flames.

Today, the Golden Palace is still in perfect condition and as shining as it was first built over 700 hundred years ago.

It’s one of the earliest bronze structures in China -- a must see when you visit Wudang Mountain.

Your martial arts tour then visits Gutong Palace, the earliest bronze building in China, built in the 14th century and moved to its present location from Tianzhu Peak, the highest peak of Wudang Mountain.

From there we go downstairs to Taihe Palace, which was originally built during the Ming Dynasty and enlarged afterwards.

It's encircled and called, Taihe Palace, the part inside the wall is called Zijin City.

We'll check it out for an hour and a half and at about 13:00, take the cable car down to the Qiongtai Middle Temple where we'll take 30 minutes to have lunch.

At 14:00 we take a look at Qiongtai Middle Temple the place where Zhenwu The Great was translated and conferred; it’s considered a sacred place and used to have three parts: the upper, middle, and lower.

It was one of the biggest temples on Mt. Wudang, but now only the middle temple remains. There are often Taoist doctors sitting inside, you may pay a visit and ask some questions about health if curiosity strikes.

At 15:00 we take the bus back to Prince Slope and then head over to Grinding Well (about 50 minutes’ drive).

This place tells the story of Zhenwu The Great, who was crowned prince of the ancient Jing Le State. He came to Mt. Wudang to practice Taoism and seek immortality.

After many years of hard practice and isolation, he felt so tired and hopeless that he wanted to give up and go back to his kingdom.

He then met up with an old lady who was trying very hard to grind an iron rod against a rock. He asked what she was doing. The old lady replied that she wanted to make a needle.

Of course, the crown prince was surprised that someone would try to turn a thick iron stick into a tiny needle.

The old lady then told him that as long as she kept on doing it, eventually her iron rod will turn into a needle.

The prince suddenly realized that the old lady was teaching him a lesson about perseverance and how it leads to success.

He was ashamed of having the thought of giving up and turned back and practiced very hard.

Finally, he ascended to Heaven.

Inside the building, there is a beautiful mural on the wall; illustrating this epic story.

At about 15:40, we leave the mountain for Xiangyang airport for our 3 hours drive and escort you back for your departure flight; ending your memorable martial arts tour.

If you're looking for more information about our martial arts tour, feel free to contact us at 1-888-373-6882.

Golden Palace

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