7-Day Exquisite Luoyang-Shaolin Temple-Kaifeng-Anyang-Zhengzhou Tour

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Longmen Grottoes

7-Day Exquisite Luoyang-Shaolin Temple-Kaifeng-Anyang-Zhengzhou Tour Highlights

  • The fantastic Buddhist sculptures in Longmen Grottoes.
  • Ancient Shaolin Temple and its pagoda forest.
  • Relics of Shang City in Zhengzhou.
  • National Museum of Chinese Characters and Yinxu Relics in Anyang.

Price Per Person

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Services Included:

  • The twin-shared accommodation on the trip as listed
  • Admission fees
  • Experienced English-speaking tour guide
  • Air-conditioned private car or van for transfers
  • Chinese lunch
  • Daily mineral water (1 bottle per person)
  • Service Charges & Government Taxes
  • Travel Agency Liability Insurance

Services Not Included:

  • International/domestic flights
  • Travel insurance
  • The accommodation and transportation in Beijing.
  • The train tickets
  • Chinese visa
  • Personal expenses such as beverages, etc.
  • Tips or gratuities to local driver and guide

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Interested in booking this tour or customizing it to fit your needs? Fill out this quick form!

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Tour Schedule by Day

Day 1 Beijing-Luoyang by bullet train

Meals: N/A


Luoyang Friendship Guesthouse **** or similar

Welcome to one of the largest and most beautiful provinces in China, Henan. It is widely regarded as the cradle of Chine culture. From the Xia Dynasty to the Song Dynasty, Henan was the political, economic, and cultural epicenter of ancient China. Two of the most important inventions hailing from ancient China (the compass and gunpowder)  were first invented in Henan.

Today, you will arrange your own transportation from your hotel to Beijing Railway Station West, taking the bullet train (around 4.5 hours one way) to the ancient capital city, Luoyang. Upon arrival, you will be picked up at the railway station and transferred to your hotel in the downtown core. The remainder of the day, you are free to explore on your own.

Day 2 Luoyang

Meals: Buffet Breakfast, Chinese Lunch


Luoyang Friendship Guesthouse **** or similar

This morning, after enjoying breakfast, the tour starts with the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Longmen Grottoes. Housing tens of thousands of statues of Buddha and his disciples, this is one of the largest grottoes in China. There are 2,345 caves and niches, 2,800 inscriptions, 43 pagodas and over 100,000 Buddhist images at the site. 30% of the caves date from the Northern Wei Dynasty, 60% from the Tang Dynasty, and caves from other periods factoring less than 10%. It is the most impressive collection of Chinese art from these dynasties.

White Horse Temple is the next stop on the tour. Originally built during the East Han Dynasty ( 68 A.D.), it is considered to be the home of Buddhism in China, and the first Buddhist temple. The relics displayed here are from the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

White Horse Temple

Day 3 Luoyang-Shaolin Temple-Dengfeng

Meals: Buffet Breakfast, Chinese Lunch


Shaolin International Hotel **** or similar

After breakfast, you will be picked up at your hotel lobby by our local guide and driver. Then, you will start your full-day tour of the ancient and legendary Shaolin Temple (Pagoda Forest included). It was here at the temple, that Indian monk, Bodhidarma, introduced the concept of Dyana (Zen) to his disciples. Shaolin Temple is famous for its martial art, Kungfu. You will also visit the graveyard of the complex, where numerous tombs are located. Then enjoy a free walk around. There are many Kungfu training schools here.

Upon arrival in Dengfeng, you will visit the Sanhuang Village (located south of  Shaolin Temple), Chuzu Temple and Damo Cave. Lunch will be a delicious Chinese meal during the tour. Overnight in Dengfeng.

Shaolin Temple

Day 4 Dengfeng-Kaifeng

Meals: Buffet Breakfast, Chinese Lunch


Jinyuan Hotel **** or similar

Today, you will leave Dengfeng, and continue on your trip to another ancient capital city, Kaifeng. It served as the capital during 8 different dynasties in ancient times. Once there, you will visit the famous Prefecture of Kaifeng, which was the administrative and judicial government office of the capital during the North Song Dynasty.  The complex was rebuilt during the Song Dynasty, showcasing the traditional architecture of that period. The buildings cover a total area of 4 hectares.

Next on the itinerary,  is the beautiful Bao Zheng's Ancestral Hall, built to commemorate the politician and governor Bao Zheng. Bao Zheng was a prominent and revered governor during the North Song Dynasty.

Afterward, visit the wonderful Daxiangguo Temple, which was one of the most famous Buddhist Temples in China. It was first constructed during the North Qi Dynasty (555A.D.). In North Song Dynasty, it gained prominence and was expanded several times. It was the largest temple in Kaifeng and the center of Buddhist activities during the North Song Dynasty. Today, visitors can still see the well-preserved main halls, depository of Buddhist texts, and the Thousand Eyes and Ears Buddha. Overnight in Kaifeng.   

Prefecture of Kaifeng

Day 5 Kaifeng-Zhengzhou

Meals: Buffet Breakfast, Chinese Lunch


Zhengzhou Holiday Inn Hotel**** or similar

After breakfast, you will be driven to the fascinating Relics of Shang City, which contains the relics of the capital during the middle Shang Dynasty. The site covers a total area of 25 sq km.  According to the latest research, the inner city and palace were believed to be finished before 15th B.C.

Next on the tour, will be the Yellow River Museum, with interesting exhibits showcasing the rich history of the Yellow River including how it was formed, the cultures dependent on the river, flood-control methods, and irrigated projects. It is a fascinating and informative exhibition.

The last stop today is the glorious Yellow River Scenic Area. Overnight at Zhengzhou.

 Yellow River Scenic Area

Day 6 Zhengzhou-Anyang

Meals: Buffet Breakfast, Chinese Lunch


Anyang Hotel**** or similar

 This morning, drive to your last destination on this incredible tour, the ancient capital city of Anyang. Once there, you will visit the famous National Museum of Chinese Characters, which is a state-level museum. It was constructed for the preservation and study of the cultural artifacts from the region. It is a post-modernist building cluster, combining both a modern architecture style and the traditional Shang Dynasty court design. Phase I covers an area of 22,700 square meters and consists of the main hall, a square, and a Character Archway. It consists of mainly cultural relics. Phase II covers an area of 32,000 square meters and is predominantly used as a scientific research facility.  

Next, is a visit to the magnificent Wenfeng Pagoda, with a history spanning over 1000 years. First built during the Five Dynasities Period, the structure features the Liao Dynasty architectural style and Tibetan-style roof. The pagoda has a height of 38.65 meters and perimeter of 40 meters.

 National Museum of Chinese Characters

Day 7 Anyang-Beijing by bullet train

Meals: Buffet Breakfast

This morning, you will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Yinxu Ruins, once the capital of the late Shang Dynasty. It is world-renowned because of the archeological discovery of oracle bones and oracle bone script, which resulted in the identification of the earliest known Chinese writing. The site showcases the splendid bronze culture of the late Shang Dynasty. It is considered one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century in China.

After the tour, drive to the railway station for your return bullet train back to Beijing. Thus, ending exquisite tour of Central China.