Why People At Ocean Park China Are Paying To Scoop Polar Bear Poop

china tourists pay to pick up polar bear poop

Why is Wuhan Haichang Ocean World important?

Because it proves how people will do just about anything for a one-of-a-kind experience…And a selfie.


Wuhan Haichang Ocean World in China’s Hubei province is offering backpackers and tourists a 3-hour-service; allowing guests to maintain polar bear dens, feed and even take selfies with the polar bears for 998 yuan (HK$1,120, US$145).

Sublime talk

To many westerners, China comes off as a mysterious and even ‘weird’ place.

Could it be because of its legendary obsession with dragons and superstition? Or maybe it’s because cats and urine soaked eggs are considered a tasty delicacy in some parts of town? Or perhaps it’s because China finds it normal to wear pajamas in public? Or how about in this particular case at Wuhan Haichang Ocean World, where people are paying to scoop up polar bear poop for a selfie?

Without question, China is North America’s ‘Bizzaro World’. It’s our other side of the tracks on beautiful planet Earth. It’s also where many westerners leave to get away from a humdrum home and to live in a whole new world — minus Aladdin and the Genie of course — for the ‘unconventional’ and to live with new and ‘interesting’ people, sights, sounds and even smells.

And it’s because of China’s natural charm and mysterious soul that makes it such an exciting and seductive destination for backpackers and tourists from all corners of the world. Wuhan Haichang Ocean world in China’s Hubei province gives tourists just another reason to visit.

Ocean World employee Chen Ting, told the South China Morning Post that the main goal of the program is “to popularise science and knowledge of the animal for the public good, not for money.”

If you like unconventional experiences as much as we do, add Ocean Park to any one of your custom tours today.

Interesting Fact

China is the leading travel destination in the world, attracting over 98.8 million tourists a year since 2015.

Source: SCMP

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