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The First Unmanned Convenience Store In Shanghai, Wheelys247 Is The Future

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Why does this matter?

Because Shanghai just got its first unmanned convenience store where people can just grab and go.


Swedish startup Wheelys, a brand who skyrocketed into mainstream success selling all-in-one organic cafes off bicycles is moving onto a new big idea — staffless convenience stores.

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Shanghai is the epitome of both yin and yang. You can find traces of innovation in both of their well-preserved traditions and history along within its roaring hyper-advanced modern living. You can find just about anything here, including the country’s first unmanned convenience store.

In the latest move by innovative Swedish startup Wheelys, China is now home to a paperless and staffless convenient store where registered users can just ‘grab and go.’

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Trumpeted as Wheelys247 it’s also paraded as the convenience store of the future. No lines. No check out.

When you approach, the doors open automatically. Upon entering you’ll find a nice blend of the usual ‘convenience store suspects’ like; chocolates, cigarettes, potato chips, ready-made breakfasts and lunches, freshly made snacks, artisan cheeses and more.

Wheelys247 first set up test stores in Sweden where they popped up shops next to areas without convenience stores within 20-minutes, launching their first 500 sq ft store in Shanghai in early March 2017. And for those of you thinking about stealing, think twice. If the security cameras don’t catch you, its mobile app will.

Check out the Wheelys247 video trailer and let us know what you think below in our comments section.

Did you know?

There are over 6400 convenience stores in Shanghai. You can find one within 100 meters apart.

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