Zip-lining in China: the Best Spots, Good Times and the Only Way to Do it

Zip-lining in China is an experience. It’s a relatively new sport in the middle kingdom, but it’s definitely picking up some popularity amongst local and foreign travelers alike. Here are three of the best locations for Zip-lining in China, along with where and when to go.


Zip-lining at the Great Wall of China

This iconic destination – one of the seven wonders of the world – just has to offer a chance to go zip-lining in China. Soaring through the sky, as though you were flying, while next to this behemoth of a wall, is an unforgettable experience. This is probably why if you’re going to go Zip-lining in China, you should make sure that The Great Wall is on your list.

The Great Wall

Where to go at the Great Wall

One of the best zip-lining areas is located along the Simatai part of the wall. So, you’ll not only be able to get one hell of an adrenaline rush, but you’ll also be able to check out the elegant 6th-century Chinese architecture. On the way down, you’ll find yourself hovering over the Mandarin Duck Lake (You know because Beijing Duck is so popular!).

The Great Wall of China

Of course, there are many different destinations along the Great Wall of China. It really depends on where you’ll be closer to and when you’re going. You’ll also find zip lines at Mutianyu and Badaling.

The best times at the Great Wall

The best times for going zip-lining really depends on what section of the wall you want to go to, and how long you’re willing to wait.

Ziplining in nature

If you’re thinking of going to the Badaling section, then make sure to avoid all Chinese holiday times. This area of the wall of one of the most famous for domestic tourism, during the country’s own holidays (these aren’t always the same as in other countries). Also, avoid any school holidays. This includes the summer months of July and August. The area is packed with families taking their children to see one of the country’s most famous attractions.

Mutianyu and Simatai are usually not as busy as the Badaling section. However, they’re still much less busy during colder months. If you really want to avoid crowds – and find yourself relatively alone on the Great Wall – then head to Simatai during a weekday in March or April.

Zip-lining in Hainan

This resort island is a favorite for water sports. It’s perfect for water surfing, kiteboarding, and even motor boating. Hainan is also home to one of the reasons to love Chinabreath-taking scenery (other than the Great Wall). However, people normally forget about coming to Hainan for zip-lining in China.

Hainan sea

Where to go in Hainan

The place to go zip-lining in Hainan is the Yanoda rainforest scenic area. It’s China’s most popular rainforest (yes, there aren’t a lot of them), and takes up a total of 123 km2. The area has been arranged, so it’s convenient and easily navigated by visitors and travelers. You’ll find most of the facilities you’ll need on site.

Oh, did I mention that it’s home to China’s longest zip-lining destination? 600 meters long through lush tropical rainforests. You’ll be surrounded by green as you whiz past branches and soar over pools of water. Expect zip-lining in Yanoda to be one of the best ‘flying through rainforest’ experiences you’ll find in China.

Moreover, Yanoda has a lot of other activities and events. You’ll be able to see natives showing their traditional crafts with performances. You’ll also be able to hike the forest trails and take in the mesmerizing range of flora and fauna in the area.

The best times in Hainan

Hainan’s summer months are sweltering. The temperature is often around 39 °C (102 °F), and summer tends to blend with the wet season (April – September). During these months, you can expect to find heavy rainfall, mixed with a lot of extreme heat. However, if you organize your trip towards the end of September or the start of April, you’ll find yourself visiting during a good time.

Hainan scenery

Winter can be a good choice, as winter temperatures tend to stay high (22 °C / 72 °F). If you’re in the area during this time, you should expect to see more people headed down to Hainan from the North of China. It still won’t be as packed as the Great Wall is during summer.

Zip-lining in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s a great place for adrenaline junkies to explore, and now Zip-lining has become one of the activities available. Just head to the Peak, one of the highest locations in Hong Kong, with a view of the city, and you’ll be soaring in no time.

Where to go in Hong Kong

There are only two locations for really zip-lining in Hong Kong, and those are the Peak and Tung Lung Island.

Hong Kong at night

If you’re thinking of going to the Peak, you’ll find yourself soaring about the city, with an incredible view right along the 122-meter zip line. The peak itself is already a great place to view the city from, so being able to zip-line while doing so, is probably going to draw a lot of attention from those of you who like to be photographers!

Alternatively, the Tung Lung Island zip-lining is set in a more natural area, with cliffs lining either side and the sea below you. You’ll have to climb to the top (where the zip-line starts from). This zipline actually takes place between two cliffs, so you won’t find yourself on ground level once you’ve finished the (somewhat short) run.

The best times in Hong Kong

Hong Kong can also get relatively hot. However, this might not be too much of a problem if you’re going to go Zip-lining at the Peak. The urban center offers brilliant air conditioning.

While you’ll be outside during the actual zip-lining experience, the wind rushing past you will be more than enough to stop it becoming uncomfortably hot. For the Peak, the summer months are the best.

Buddha in Hong Kong

However, if you’re going to Tung Lung island, then you’re probably going to prefer the more moderate temperatures around Spring and Autumn. This is particularly the case considering you’ll have to hike up to the zip-lining spot.

Would you go Zip-lining in China?

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